Sunday, October 2, 2011

30 Days of Running-Day 2: Running for my Life!

Today was Day 2, and I must admit....I DID NOT FEEL LIKE RUNNING!!! But, my niece and nephew insisted that I not give up because I am a FIREWORK!

Amirah, my niece reminded me that I must "Run, Run, Run as fast as you Can!"....

so that's what I did.

We went to a park in the neighborhood, and I ran around the tennis court 4 times!

Yes, I am a FIREWORK...and I almost blew up and "popped-off" because I was so mad while I was running.

But once I was done, I felt better!

Now it's time to soak in a Epson Salt Bath!!!

Do you like my LANE BRYANT outfit? I think it's cute!

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