Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We hear it all of the time! That catch phrase that is sweeping the nation: ANGRY BLACK WOMAN!

How many times have you been walking down the street, and some random guy has the nerve to say 'Damn baby smile. It can't be that bad!" or my favorite one "Why you walking around looking so mad?"

BECAUSE I AM MAD....sometimes :) lol

"I'm MAD about the War in Iraq, I'm MAD about the way sista's treat other sista's, I'm Mad about Poverty, I'm MAD about relationshits, and yes, I'm still MAD about Slavery!" (from Sista's on Fire)

All women go through a lot, no matter what their ethnic background...but for some reason Black Women can not express their displeasure with the world or voice any type of opinion without being considered and ANGRY BLACK WOMAN!

I am DIRECTING a READING of a new musical called "SISTAS on FIRE" that deals with this issue of BLACK RAGE from a feminist perspective.

On Sunday, May 2nd the show is a part of the Illuminating Artists: Notes from a Page reading series, that features new musicals that are in the developmental stage. Come and check it out and give us your feedback before we take it on to the next level!!!!

SEE YOU THERE!!! Tix are only $10


Sun May 2, 2010 7 pm
The personal becomes political when six passionately opinionated women speak their minds on social injustice in a soul-stirring mix of poetry, prose, song and dance.
A Newsical written by Marcia L. McNair, Anissa D. Moore, and Sista Girl (Gail Haliburton)
featuring music by RKITECH and DIRECTED by ERICA WATSON.

I LOVE THE LOGO! It was designed by my wonderfully talented friend Professor John Jennings from the University of Illinois-Champaign.

and before you go.....what are YOU so mad about?


Anonymous said...

I am angry about being broke, about not having gotten my degree already(it's been about 6 yrs), mad about my mother in law not likin me cuz im hispanic(she says shes not racist but I think deep down she really is)and I am mad about all the Republicans I see pissin all over Obama. I voted for him. I happen to think he is doing a great job!!!

Anonymous said...

let me know when ur in houston. I am giving you an award. You are hilarious!!!

Allison Cathryn Boissoneau said...

Erica, Saw you on the Dr. Phil show.
You are a stunningly beautiful, vivacious, sexy, and intelligent woman!
Keep up the good work and don't let the haters get you down!

Rondell said...

Girl I hear you! Im mad all the time but usually just at the lil workers over at Panda Express who try to tell me I need to go on a diet so they skrimp me on my shrimp in they fried rice! LOL