Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 11 of "30 Days of Dance" WATCH OUT FOR THE BIG GIRLS!

Yep! It's Day 11 of my 30 days of dancing...and this is starting to be lots of fun. It's also a challenge because I am so tired....but no matter what, I make sure I dance for at leats 45 minutes straight!

Tonight I went to the Bigger and Better Thangs (BBT) party at Club Remix in NYC. It is a party for Full-Figured women and the men that love and support them. Basically it's a place where plus size women can go and let it all hang out...without dealing with the bullshit at other clubs that cater to skinny chicks!

I know most of you are like WTF? What is a BIG GIRL party....well, although I have mixed feelings about them, I must say I had a ball at the BBT party! It's hosted by my good friend MIKE (who is laying his head on my chest in the pic above) and is one of the best parties in town. Lots and lots and LOTS of guys (black, white, asian) who love plus size women....and this is the place to go for that!!!

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